Gift Your Children's Pre-Loved Books

As children grow their reading abilities and tastes naturally change. Books they’ve loved in the past might remain on their shelves but could bring huge pleasure to other children with few of their own.

When you’re next making space on your children’s bookshelf, please consider passing on the books your children no longer need via one of our many drop points nationwide. Or even better, hold a Book Drive on our behalf and invite your school, office, or club community to bring in their books. Every single book donated will help tackle book poverty.


Over 300 schools and community groups nationwide have registered with our map to receive children’s books in good condition from local families. In London our drop points collect books on behalf of lots of schools. If you are an individual or a family with books to give, find a drop point near you.

Run a book drive on our behalf

Running a Book Drive is fun and easy. We find that families love learning about the joy their books can bring to other children and are always grateful for the chance to have a clear out!

If your children’s school, or your community group or company are seeking ways to support us please consider hosting a Book Drive on our behalf.

Book Drives for Schools and Community Groups

Book Drives for Corporates