Receive books


The Children’s Book Project works with settings across the UK to redistribute thousands of new and gently used books to children and their families.

In London we collect books from families that have grown out of theirs, remove any that are tatty and then organise them by age and stage prior to gifting to children with very few books of their own via their schools and other organisations.

Elsewhere in the country we match donor families with organisations that would like to receive books on behalf of the children they support. We facilitate donations of good condition, gently used books straight to registered schools and other settings and help recipient organisations to put on gifting events for the children they support.

Who do we work with?

  • Primary schools
  • Nursery schools and children’s centres
  • Prisons
  • Food banks
  • Community groups
  • Women’s groups


We want children to choose a book they feel proud about having selected and excited to read.

We know that every setting is different and encourage schools to put their own stamp on their book gifting. If you are a school or other organisation gifting books within your community, we encourage you to make a splash of the books you receive. We give our gifting partners the creative tools to elevate books from their second-hand status and to ensure their event is memorable, engaging and fun.

In London, twenty Pop Up Book Huts are available to schools to borrow for a term. These create real impact and excitement when they are placed in a school playground and filled with books. We also offer Book Bundles (useful for safe gifting within bubbles) and Pop Up Bookshop kits and run a free bookshop for visiting schools (Reception to Y6).

Outside London we understand that a donation of books might support an existing literacy initiative, allow your school to pre-empt the summer reading dip or augment your classroom libraries.

Schools in London and nationwide can register here.

We loan all resources free of charge to schools. And of course, our books are always gifted to schools free of charge. Please get in touch via the form opposite.


We currently have twenty Pop Up Book Huts that are loaned on rotation to a different primary school each term. They are delivered to your school complete with hundreds of free books for children to take home and keep.

A teaser campaign, a creative launch and lots of promotion to parents and carers all help to sustain interest and excitement and encourage every child to have a peek inside.


We run a free, immersive bookshop for schools able to bring their pupils on a class visit to SW10 where every child will receive a token to spend on the book of their choice. The Bookshop Upstairs has been created and developed to resemble a real bookshop and our ambition is not just that children have the chance to browse for and choose a fabulous book of their own, but that they will also experience first-hand the inspiring, welcoming and accessible nature of such settings. Email us to find out more.


Our Pop Up Bookshop kits contain everything a school needs to build and open their own free bookshop for their community, including beautiful publisher posters, bunting, stickers and a bookmark for every child.

Children receive a token to spend on a free book in the bookshop. The opportunity for children to experience browsing and selecting their own book amongst those on display has a hugely positive impact on their engagement and on their ability to explain their choice.

A Pop Up Bookshop can be planned in alongside your school’s other activities to ensure that a week can be set aside where every child can visit and have time to browse.


Schools outside London will receive books from across their local community. Depending upon the volume you receive you might like to:

  • Put on a pre-holiday gifting event
  • Launch a Pop Up Bookshop
  • Give book tokens to children as part of an incentive scheme
  • Gift books to children that complete an accelerated reading programme
  • Gift books to children on special occasions e.g. their birthday
  • Augment your library corners

Download our creative gifting ideas sheet (see below) or apply for one of our Pop Up Bookshop kits.


If you have been selected to receive books for your community, you are welcome to download and adapt any of the following resources to help build anticipation and to communicate with children, parents and your wider community:

‘Book donations welcome’ poster for school office

‘Book donations welcome’ poster for staff room

‘Book ideas leaflet’ for schools outside London

Pop Up Book Hut launch poster 1

Pop Up Book Hut launch poster 2

Pop Up Bookshop launch poster

How to run a Pop Up Bookshop leaflet