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The London Children’s Book Project works with settings across the Capital to redistribute thousands of new and gently used books to children and their families.

Who do we work with?

  • primary schools
  • nursery schools and children’s centres
  • prisons
  • GP practices and hospitals
  • food banks
  • anyone that works with children

We collect books from families that have grown out of theirs, clean them and organise them by age and interest into beautiful boxes of 100 – 300 books.

You are welcome to come and choose the books you wish or to take our pre-selected boxes. You may need to come and collect them from our centre in West London though we will drop them off whenever we can.

Creative book gifting – we can help you!

We would love the children you work with to benefit by our wonderful array of as-new books and can give you up to two as-new books per child. Over the past twelve months we have helped schools to launch:

  • Pop Up Bookshops (see below)
  • Little Free Libraries
  • Holiday reading bags
  • A Father and Son reading ladder
  • Sets of books for those that complete a reading recovery programme

We would be very happy to help you explore some of the creative ways in which schools already gift books to their children. Please get in touch via the form opposite.


Open a free pop up bookshop at your school and every child can experience the pleasure of browsing for and selecting his or her own book(s). You can do this yourself, or we would be pleased to support you with our free Bookshop in a Box.

Our ‘Bookshop in a Box’ is free to London primary schools and includes:

  • A huge range of as-new books: sufficient for every child to ’purchase’ two free books of their choice using our specially designed cardboard currency
  • Branding, posters, postcards and bookmarks donated by our supporting publishers for you to create an immersive and inspiring bookshop experience
  • Ideas and inspiration to ensure your bookshop has the greatest impact for staff and children across all years.

Books and resources are available for twenty London schools run their own bookshop this term. All you need is space to set up shop and a member of staff or a parent to act as shopkeeper.

Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

For many children this is their first bookshop experience.
Children make their purchase and wear a sticker to celebrate their choice