Hold a Book Drive to raise awareness about the impact of book poverty on children’s lives whilst directly supporting your local community. Invite employees to bring in books that their children have grown out of or to purchase and donate a favourite book from their own childhood.

Organisations that can do so are asked to box up their collected books and have them delivered to one of our Book HQs or Book Hubs in London, Birmingham or Leeds.

If your organisation is located elsewhere in the UK, we would be grateful if you could sort and box your collected books prior to delivering them to one of our registered recipient organisations. We have a downloadable guide to help your team of volunteers to sort and box up your collected books and appreciate you may need to harness their support too with onward delivery. We really appreciate your help with this.

Register your Book Drive here to receive our FAQs and further guidance.

How to run your book drive

  1. Register your Book Drive so that we can support and celebrate you.
  2. Pick a date (up to a week is often ideal)
  3. Promote your event using our videos, posters and other materials
  4. Set your community a challenge e.g. to collect 500 children’s books
  5. Count, sort and celebrate the books donated!

Promotional support

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