To date we have gifted to 185 schools and organisations across London where our core aim is to address the disparity of book ownership amongst children and young people. At present one in eight disadvantaged children owns no books of his or her own, whilst one in four owns fewer than ten books*.

We help to address this book gap by gifting good quality, gently used books to children within communities with a high level of disadvantage. We work with schools that support > 25% pupil premium (a measure of disadvantage) but also with organisations that target discrete groups in need.

However, alongside this we also want to support reading communities and to foster enjoyable and immersive gifting events. We believe that a child will engage strongly with a book that he or she has chosen for themselves and that they can take home and keep. We work with settings to help them deliver creative, memorable gifting events that elevate books from their second-hand status to something desirable.


In the past 18 months we have gifted to 85 schools and organisations across London. This figure increases every 6 weeks as we rotate our Pop Up Book Huts to a new audience and launch new Pop Up Bookshops.

The following map details the women’s groups, food banks, nurseries, schools and a prison that have gifted books to their community with our support.