Own your own pop up book hut

Own your own pop up book hut

Purchase a pop up book hut and receive free books for your whole school

The Children’s Book Project gifts beautiful pre-loved books to communities with few books of their own, and gives them the tools to put on events where every child can choose and take home books that they are excited about. We tackle book poverty head on and help schools to put on events where every child can find books that appeal to them.


  • A beautiful hut to keep branded in distinctive CBP colours
  • Can live inside or outside
  • Invites curiosity and sharing
  • Children can ‘have a look and take a book’

Nationally we are launching a new scheme where schools can purchase a distinctive Children’s Book Project Hut to keep. This can be used throughout the year to create buzz, talk-about factor and to engage every child.

In return for your support we will provide enough free good quality pre-loved books for every child to take home two books of their own. The books will arrive pre-organised by reading stage The cost of this will be £500


In addition all schools can join our national donation map in order to receive books from across their community, corporate and school book drives. These can be used to top up your book hut throughout the year.