Resources for recipient hubs

We are delighted that your school wants to join the Children’s Book Project’s national programme, which is designed to help find new homes for the thousands of pre-loved books with families across the UK. Once you confirm your details you will be added to our interactive map for all donors to find you.

The links below will help you to unlock the potential of your school community, to give all donors a friendly welcome and plan how to use donated books:

  1. Use the materials below to ensure that staff are aware of the initiative and to tell parents. They can help spread the word for good quality books amongst the wider community. If you have any issues being able to print these please let us know and we will do our best to help.
  2. Make sure that someone internally (or a parent / governor) has responsibility for the scheme and has a plan for donated books.
  3. Check that office staff are familiar with how the scheme works and understand that book donors may arrive at school who will appreciate a friendly welcome.
  4. Let us know when you have read our guidance, briefed your office staff and are ready to go!
Introductory brochure

Guidance on getting started and on how to use your donated books

School office poster

Simple poster to remind staff and parents about the programme

Staff-room poster

Information for staff encouraging them to spread the word

Gif file

GIF to use in electronic communications and social media